Mums in Beirut is Lebanon’s first online community in Beirut.

Dina Maktabi is a contented Mummy of two healthy and vivacious kids. She initially set up award winning website in London, UK in 2011 as a support network for mothers.  It all started when she had her first baby. It occurred to her that she was not the only one struggling with interrupted sleep, being on call 24/7 with no time off.  After having her second baby, the idea of having a bigger network support came to mind and in a sense created a passion in her to help mums outside her group of friends. She truly believes that in a country where you have no family around, your friends become family.

Since her move with her family in 2014 from London to Beirut, she embarked on her new project and created Mums in Beirut with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences and helping  yummy mummies learn from one another. She realised that Mothers need a support network where ever they are in this world so that they won’t feel alone or isolated during their new role as mothers.

Network support for mums – as the name suggests – supports mums in their journey of motherhood and off course parenting. Sharing tips, swapping advice and ideas are all important in a life of a mother who wants the best for her children.

We welcome you to be part of our online community.

Motherhood is a real blessing, let us celebrate that everyday.

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