Back to School event at Totally Kids Nursery

Thank you for all those who attended the back to school event  which took place at Totally Kids Nursery with Rania Zaghir,Children’s Book Author  and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach and Julie Abouchacra, Early Education Specialist and Founding Director of Totally Kids.

The venue of our meet up was at Totally Kids, a childcare center and a preschool where children can explore, discover, learn, and grow, located in the heart of Verdun Lebanon. The venue was was opened in Verdun 3 years ago.

We had a short introduction by Julie Abouchacra as she welcomed all Mums in Beirut attending. Her talk was focused on the importance of mothers to have a community support as well as emphasising the importance of the early years in the optimal development of the child as a whole. A mother herself, she understands the mother’s role in selecting a nursery for her child. We loved the atmosphere at the nursery, all staff were very welcoming and friendly and the venue was clean at all times.

A major goal of the nursery is to establish partnerships with the community. This event is the first of several that will follow where moms can meet to bond, connect and share their concerns guided by specialists in the field of education and other relavent areas.

The first half of the afternoon was an interactive talk with Rania Chehayeb focusing on all forms of anxiety including separation and ways to overcome it. The Mums in Beirut were very interested in this topic and received vital top tips and advice on terrible two’s and three’s.  The talk was held in a 60 square meter outdoor play area designed and modeled according to high safety standards, where children could also play safely around the mothers ( You can see this in the images, the environment was very child friendly). Rania focused on the importance of the mother’s wellness and well-being and how important this plays in her family’s role while raising happy and confident children. The children attending got to enjoy arts and crafts, music and movement classes under the supervision of staff from Totally Kids Nursery. Another topic that was covered by Rania Chehayeb was separation anxiety. This is something very common with back to school, when a child starts nursery, daycare or school for the first time. Needless to say that there were a lot of questions on this hot topic. As mothers, we always questions ourselves if we are doing it right, or if we are good enough Mums. We are all great mothers who always try out best. Our events are a great way to meet like minded mothers, to support each other and to connect with someone who maybe going through a similar pathway than you. You are not alone. 

The children enjoyed being looked after Totally Kids staff that offers a caring and nurturing environment where children can develop and acquire the necessary academic and social skills that enable them to become global citizens and lifelong learners. Mums felt at ease and soon joined their little ones for a storytelling session.

The second half of the afternoon was a storytelling session with Rania Zaghir (as you will see from the images below), it was very interactive and informative as she shared with us the importance of reading and bonding with your child. Make it part of your routine: Bed. Book. Bath. Kids thrive on routine and this is key. Books leads to their imagination and reinforces sound and language. Offer gifts as a book it is the best gifts to give.

We love the concepts adapted at Totally Kids Nursery, “The Learner Profile at Totally Kids. Education is not about knowledge only, it is the internalization of values, thinking and social skills as well. This is the profile that we uphold for every one of our students“.

Enjoy browsing through the images from the event and  thank you to those who attended our meet up. Good luck with the back to school and  a healthy routine. Stay in the loop with the local scoop, by registering your details with us (click here to register). Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Rania Zaghir, Children’s Book Author and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach

Outdoor Play Area at Totally Kids Nursery

Indoor Play Area at Totally Kids Nursery

From left to right: Rania Zaghir, Children’s Book Author and Julie Abouchacra, Early Education Specialist and Founding     Director of Totally Kids, Dina Maktabi founder of Mums in Beirut and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach.


Interactive Storytelling Session with Rania Zaghir. Picture from Mums in Beirut Instagram account @mumsinbeirut