Getting ready for summer

We are ready for summer, are you? Having an organized and safe summer vacation is key to enjoy it without any unwanted health issues, especially with children.

Join us for our upcoming workshop with Dr Dana Badr. We will be holding a seminar about summer safety and tips for a joyful, disease free summer. This session will help you discover new tips for summer safety, know more about the seasonal diseases and how you may prevent them, allowing you to enjoy a problem-free healthy summer vacation with your kids. 

We will be treating the following subjects:

  • Summer planning tips
  • Sun safety
  • Heat stroke
  • Dehydration
  • Water and swim safety
  • First aid and drowning management
  • Burns and s
  • kin problems in summer
  • Summer illnesses

This workshop is suitable for parents with infants and toddlers from age 0 to 10 years.

About the speaker

Dr. Dana Badr is a Pediatric and Adolescent specialist doctor, who graduated from AUBMC . After her graduation she received an intensive training in child wellbeing and paediatric resuscitation programs.

She is a certified neonatal rescuscitation program instructor and paediatric advanced life support instructor.

 She is a co- founder and the medical manager of Teeth &  Health Pediatric Clinic, which is the only paediatric center specialised only for kids . The center provides dental and medical consultations for kids in  all paediatric subspecialties. 


The workshop will take place at Teeth & Health Pedaitric Center.  Hamra – Kalaa street, Getra bldg. Ra’S Bayrut, Beyrouth, Lebanon. Click here for directions


Saturday 5th of May 2018

Price per ticket

60,000L.L. per person

Tickets must be paid in advance via Western Union under the name of Dina Maktabi. For further information, please what’s app us on 76-748884 or email us on info@mumsinbeirut.com 

Places are limited, so please book in advance.



The Importance of Unstructured Play


Nowadays,  play-especially unstructured physical play- is becoming endangered due to the increase of screen time and structured activities.  Although most parents know that it is very important to limit screen time, they also admit that it is probably the most difficult thing to do!

Join us on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 to discuss the importance of unstructured play and to talk about some practical strategies to support our children’s free play and limit screen time.

About the speaker

Manal El-Chafei holds an MA in School Counseling and Guidance from the Lebanese American University. After her graduation, Manal received intensive training in Child and Play Therapy by the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy, Toronto-Canada, and she has also attended trainings in Sandplay Therapy at Play Therapy International-United Kingdom, in Theraplay Techniques and Marschak Interaction Method at Nadis-Turkey approved by The Theraplay Institute-USA, and in Emotional Intelligence by Six Seconds Network. Manal is also a certified Peaceful Parenting coach . Manal’s experience in the field has been dedicated to working with children, parents, and educators; she has worked as a school counselor at Wellspring Learning Community in which she had the opportunity to conduct individual and group counseling sessions with children and to conduct guidance sessions for both parents and educators. Manal has also participated in planning and conducting several workshops and projects with local and international NGOs such as NRC, UNRWA, MECC, and she currently has her private practice as a parenting coach and a play therapist.



Playtown. Address: La Mode Bldg, Berlin Street, Raouche. Beirut, Lebanon. Click here for map.


Wednesday 18th April 2018



Price per ticket

60,000L.L. (Kids are also welcome and able to play at Playtown with adult supervision, entry tickets to Playtown for little ones not included in ticket prize for workshop).

Tickets must be paid in advance via Western Union under the name of Dina Maktabi. For further information, please what’s app us on 76-748884

Mums in Beirut Mother’s day brunch 2018

We are proud to share with you our 2018 Mother’s day brunch at Radisson Blu Hotel, Beirut Verdun. This will take place on Saturday 17th of March 2018 from 10.30am-1.30pm. We are excited to share with you a morning for a chance for mums to get together, share their stories and leave feeling empowered and inspired.

The morning will be hosted by Mums in Beirut alongside two guests speakers Walaa Tabaja and Maysa Raad.


We hope to see you there. Everyone will leave with a VIP goody bag.


Tickets are $30 and will help support Step Together Association Riverside.




Guest speakers

Walaa Tabaja
Known as MomysJourney
A mom of two. She will be sharing her motherhood journey and how it changed her whole life, and to the decisions she has made today for raising her children.


Maysa Raad, mother of one. She will be sharing her own motherhood journey and the challenges that she has encountered along the way. “The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. DONT GIVE UP” Robert Tew

Part of ticket sales will be supporting Step Together Association Riverside.

Step Together Association Riverside is a non-profit organization that operates with special needs children.
Founded by Dr. Wali Merhej in 1974, it started-off with a kindergarten and a diagnostic center. In 1993,
the non-profit organization had expanded to grow and to be established under the name of FiSTA. Today,
it is identified under the name of Step Together that serves special needs, children and adults with diverse
disabilities. Chaired by Dr. Reem Mouawad, the Association runs with the support of the committee group
Step Together Association is located in Mansourieh-Dayshounieh along the riverside. 15 minutes drive
from downtown Beirut, the school lies in the core of the nature, amidst an environmentally protected area
surrounded by trees, mountains and water. With a dense serenity and peaceful setting, our schooling system
takes place, catering upto 200 students of all ages.

Let’s talk about love, communication and marriage

Are you feeling frustrated with your love life?
Do you know how to make intimate requests?
Do your husband and children listen to you?
Do you know how to keep your love tank full?
If these questions unsettled you then this workshop is for you.


We have teamed up with Grace Ghannoum Khleif, Wellness, Life, and Relationship Coach to discuss and learn ways to improve your personal relationships and meet your emotional needs through others.

The workshop will cover ways of

  • Improving your love life, work life, and relationship with your spouse and kids.
  • Learn about The Five Love Languages according to Garry Chapman.
  • Communicate your emotional love language and learn to speak your spouse’s primary love
  • Reveal the secret of love that lasts.
  • Empowering women to become leaders in all the roles they play.

About the speaker

Grace Khleif is a Certified Professional Co-active Life Coach (CPCC) trained and accredited by the
Coaching Training Institute, USA since 2009 and holds a PCC from International Coach
Federation. In her coaching, Grace, an accomplished wife and mother, uses her extensive life
experiences to act as a role model for her clients, holding their torches up high to bring their
vision into the light. As a Wellness, Life, and Relationship coach she passionately works with
people seeking to improve their lives and relationships, achieve balance, self- development and
fulfillment. She is a motivational speaker who empowers young women to become leaders in all
the roles they take in their family, community and society at large. She conducts group
coaching sessions and self-development workshops along with management and leadership
trainings. She focuses in her trainings on meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques,
mindfulness and the power within to create transformation and achieve emotional intelligence.

Date: Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

Location: Fox and Frog, Asco Center , Sassine Square, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon. Click here for Google Maps.

Tickets cost 60,000L.L and must be paid in advance via Western Union under the name of Dina Maktabi

To confirm your places, please send in your payment reference via whats app on 76-748884 with your full name.

For more information, please call 76-748884.

Warm Feet Campaign

Mums in Beirut and Ahla Fawda have joined forces once again with “Warm Feet Campaign”. Many people, especially children are facing the snowy, cold and wet conditions of winter without proper footwear. With your support, we can help change that.

Join us in our Warm Feet Campaign as we provide suitable shoes and boots to needy people, especially children.

How will the campaign work?

  • Please ask your family and friends, students and teachers to donate gently used or new winter shoes and boots.
  • Ahla Fawda is happy to provide your school with sacks to collect the donated footwear.
  • Sacks will be collected from your school on Friday 2nd  February 2018
  • The donated shoes and boots will be sorted and packed by Ahla Fawda volunteers at the collection point.
  • The Ahla Fawda “Warm Feet Campaign” distribution will take place in Akkar, North Lebanon on Wednesday 7th February 2018.
  • This event will be documented by the Scottish Screen academy. It will be a story about how children are learning and growing through acts of giving and awareness of the world around them. (There is an interest in this project by two Scottish TV channels.)
  • All schools participating in this campaign will be credited by name in the documentary.
  • All schools will receive a report following the distribution.

Ahla Fawda, founded in 2012 is a Beirut based NGO. We are a volunteer only organization. Recent activities include: projects to beautify Hamra Street,an awareness campaign for special needs access in Hamra, Hamra and Aley Festivals, Art murals in Hamra and Aley bridge, regular distributions of  food/clothing to the needy.

We look forward to your participation in our community campaign.

We count on you our community,  our followers, our readers, our friends, ours families,  ours schools and organizations  for your support to make our mission a reality.


For further information, please contact Mrs. Imane Assaf on Tel: 03-907360


Yours sincerely.

Imane Assaf

Founding President, AhlaFawda

Mums in Beirut 3rd Bookclub

Join us for our 3rd book club meet up on Thursday 18th of January 2018.

It is a great way to connect with like minded mums and be drifted in a world to nurture your mind.

We will be meeting at 9pm, please email us or send us a message via Facebook or Instagram to know the location.

View pictures of our last meet up here and here.

Mums in Beirut Christmas Dinner

It is the season to be Jolly.

Join Mums in Beirut for a Christmas Dinner at Home Sweet Home on Wednesday 20th December at 9pm.

We would love to have you there.

Email us with your details to join in the festive fun with Mums in Beirut.

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)


Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) class is the pioneering program that has helped millions of parents around the world.

Whether you’re the parent of a toddler or a teenager, you know that parenting can be challenging – even overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, children don’t come with an instruction manual.

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) offers proven and effective communication skills that really work. When they use these skills, parents are amazed with the dramatic improvement both in their families and in all their relationships.

This program was created by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Dr. Thomas Gordon in 1962. A major revision of the P.E.T. program was completed in July, 2006 with up-to-date examples, new content and more.

You, too, can learn these communication and conflict resolution skills through

How you and your family will benefit

  • Your children will feel free to discuss their problems and concerns with you instead of withdrawing.
  • They will learn self-discipline, self-control and an inner sense of personal responsibility.
  • You will learn how to work with each other instead of against each other.
  • You’ll experience fewer angry outbursts and more problem-solving.
  • Fewer power struggles–less tension, less resentment, more fun, more peace, more love.

What you will learn

  • How to talk to your children so that they will listen to you.
  • How to listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood.
  • How to resolve conflicts and problems in your family so that no one loses and problems stay solved.
  • A method for troubleshooting family problems and knowing which skills to use to solve them.

How the program works

P.E.T. is a 24-hour program, divided into 8 sessions (3 hours each) with 2 additional sessions of practice, designed to involve 8 to 15 participants very actively in their own learning.

This intensive proven program is taught only by instructors certified by Gordon Training International (GTI).

The P.E.T. class consists of brief lectures, demonstrations, workbook exercises, role-playing, some homework and small group discussion.

All the content, key concepts & visuals will be in English and Arabic, but the interaction and the verbal communication will be in Arabic.

Dates & Cost

Group 1: Every Tuesday starting Dec 5th until Feb 20th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Group 2: Every Wednesday starting Dec 6th until Feb 21th from 9am to 12pm

10 sessions, 30 hours of training and practice for ONLY 200USD!


Full amount (USD 200) to be settled at our offices in Fanar, before the start of the training to guarantee your place.

Early registration before November 29th to benefit from 15% deduction (USD 170 instead of USD 200)

What you will get

A signed certificate of participation from Gordon Training Institute (USA)

A credo signed by Dr. Thomas Gordon

A workbook to be used during the training (in English)

P.E.T., Parent Effectiveness Training book (in English)


For registration, contact himaya on:

71702316 / cbrd@himaya.org

Follow The Parent Effectiveness Training on Facebook.


Join us for a Gingerbread Frosting Party!

Bringing the community spirit with Help and Heal. Mums in Beirut is proud to be supporting Help and Heal in their christmas initiative next week taking place at Sursock Palace and Bristol Hotel in December 2017.

Join us for a  Gingerbread Frosting Party!

At Sursock Palace on November 22nd, 25 and 26 from 9am to 5pm
Bristol Hotel on December 1,2,3 from 11am to 9pm
Please register online at: www.helpandheal.lebanon.com

About Help and Heal

Help and Heal is a non-profit charity founded in 2001 that operates under the umbrella of the Bon Pasteur. lts motto is children helping Children as it is committed to improving the lives of the under-privileged Lebanese children of all confessions with the help of privileged Lebanese children, whose life in turn is enriched by the act of reaching out and giving.

  • Help and Heal provides Educational support

Through full tuition to a number of students in need.  A center where kids can come and get help with their homework. . A library that has been offered and inventoried by young volunteers, and that is added to every year.

  • Help and Heal provides Recreational opportunities

A recreational facility where children meet on Saturdays. . A full-board summer camp that has included in the past, meals at McDonald’s fun tlme at Waves and a magical day at the circus. . At Christmas, we make sure that our center is one of the stops on Santa’s world tour.

  • Help and Heal provides Health facilities

Help and Heal supports Bon Pasteur in accomplishing its mission to provide health facilities and medication  to families in need. A fully equipped dispensary is staffed by volunteers  doctors of  various specialities including a GP, a dentist and a gynaecologist.

Your contribution is appreciated this festive season.

Message from Help and Heal:

Being children, they all deserve to be happy. Part of the funds are destined to provide them with a full board summer camp, a fun day at Waves, movies and any entertainment suitable for kids. And, of course, we have to make sure that Santa does not forget them this year because every child deserves his Christmas gifts.

We know that there are many charities, all of which are in need of help. But we monitor the work of the Sisters of Bon Pasteur and we are truly impressed with the results they can show for with so little. Poverty is probably the strongest common denominator in Lebanon, and the Sisters make sure that every child under their care is treated the same.

But considering the high prices of goods and services, the money needed to help Sisters of Bon Pasteur do their daily miracles is not easy to attain. Help and Heal is doing their yearly fundraising activities. Other than offering the products of their bazar, they will offer a fun activity which is the joy of children, small and big: the decoration of a gingerbread house.

They hope to repeat this year the success they had in the previous one and be able to give to the children of the Sisters of Bon Pasteur a very Merry Christmas and a constructive and happy 2018“.



For more information visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @helpandheallebanon


WONDER pre-Release supporting Youth empowerment service

Mums in Beirut is delighted to be support the Youth empowering Service, building a strong generation by Dent de Lait future kids.

YES, believes in raising a responsible, aware generation of young leaders and innovators, willing to take initiatives and help in solving community problems.

The Event purpose is to invite our youth to accept the differences and to see the inner beauty of others and never judge a person by his looks.

Anti-Bullying is the Covered Segment in this event Date : Wednesday 15 November 2017

Time : 4:30 to 7:30

Target age : 6 years and above

Price: 25,000L.L

Location : Grand Cinema – ABC Verdun

Movie : Wonder can be seen on Youtube trailer.

To book your tickets please contact us on 76-748884





Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

Movie Director: Stephen Chbosky Movie Stars: Julia Roberts Jacob Tremblay Crystal Lowe