Mums in Beirut Christmas Dinner

Thank you for all those who came to our dinner yesterday. It was so lovely to have you with us. It was nice to connect with like minded mums, bumps and mums to be.

Until 2018! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures of the night. A special thanks to Asorti Boutique for my outfit for the night and home sweet home for hosting us with your amazing hospitality and delicious food.

More pictures and live coverage of our night out on @mumsinbeirut Instagram account.


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Mums in Beirut Book Club (2nd meet up)

We had our second bookclub at the funkiest, cute little hang out in Ras Beirut, Kelly concept store in time for Halloween. The place was beautifully decorated with hand painted pumpkins. A group of Mums in Beirut gathered around to discuss the book: Courage by Osho which was the book of the month.

Thank you for all those who came along, it was great to see new and old faces and to gather around to meet like minded mums.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures and make sure you watch the video at the end with testimonials of the mums.

Make sure you are following us on Instagram @mumsinbeirut. Our next bookclub is on 6th of December and we will be reading An unnecessary woman by Rabih Alamedine

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Thanks to Bilal for this video editing skills.

Himaya: overcoming challenges in child protection

Mums in Beirut was delighted to attend Himaya during its Third Annual Symposium:

Towards Overcoming Challenges in Child Protection

For the third consecutive year and under the patronage and presence of Mr. Pierre Abou Assi, Minister of Social Affairs, “himaya”, the Lebanese NGO working on child protection and enhancing the wellbeing of childhood in Lebanon, organized its annual symposium titled “Building and Strengthening the Child Protection Network: towards overcoming challenges in child protection”.

Protecting children is the responsibility of various actors: from parents, to schools, to specialized organizations and governmental institutions. All of them work in close partnership, as a network, to safeguard children and ensure their wellbeing

This year, himaya aims to identify the main challenges faced by the child protection network and reflect on how to overcome them.  

Mrs. Lama Yazbeck, the Executive Director of himaya, expressed her gratitude during her opening speech saying: “I would like to thank each one of you for being here today and for taking the time to identify the role you can play in the Child Protection Network. The establishment of a solid national network through such conferences is just the beginning; with your help, we can achieve even more and overcome all the difficulties we face every day. This year, we decided to organize our 3rd annual symposium in which we will have four panels with four topics affecting the protection of children in Lebanon. We hope that through this symposium we can unite our efforts and strengthen the child protection network even more.”

Supporting himaya’s efforts and achievements, Minister Abou Assi stated on this occasion: “Associations like “himaya” play an important role in raising awareness around the fact that child abuse should not remain a taboo, but we should rather encourage the child to appreciate himself, his dignity and his body and push him to report in case of abuse. The most important thing about “himaya” organization is the transparency, it protects any child who is exposed to any kind of abuse, regardless of his nationality or religion; after all, he is a human being and part of our human family and we must stand at his side, the moment we discriminate between one person and another based on his country, religion, custom or colour we lose our soul. ” and he then added: “Today we stop at the reported rate of children who have been abused or assaulted: 1 child for every 6 children is exposed to one of the forms of abuse, these figures are announced but not accurate figures as the subject is still prohibited by some. But the increasing figures from year to year confirms that the level of awareness and knowledge is in fact increasing and has led to the discovery of new cases we couldn’t detect before. “

This 2-day scientific symposium included these 4 panels: Residential and alternative care systems in Lebanon, Children, institutions and sexuality, Emerging issues in child protection and Towards a “resilient” child protection network.

The symposium took place at Saint Joseph University of Beirut–Medical Sciences Campus, gathering the official figures and representatives of the ministry of Social Affairs, social experts, press and influencers as well as university professors and students, who expressed their support in their own ways.

Baskinta Apple Festival

The Baskinta Apple Festival was organised for the first time to support the local apple crises and bring life to the village of Baskinta after the summer ended, the first Baskinta Apple Festival took place on the 14th and 15th of October in the heart of the village involving producers from Metn and the Bekaa.

We joined AUB on their Green Exercise adventure. The day started with a 3 hour hike for a 6km route. The pictures below do not do it justice. After the long and beautiful hike, tiered kids and tiered legs we enjoyed  an apple picking experience where kids learned the technique used to pick apples and also got interviewed on national TV part of the festival.

We ended the day with yummy food by Souk El Akel, where there was a program of entertainment and something for everyone to enjoy.






Mums in Beirut BookClub (1st meet up)

Last week we had our first bookclub and the response we received was incredible. Thank you all for join us and for making this bookclub possible.

We met in Dar Bistro, over food, books, wit and wisdom.

Here is what some of the Mums had to say about it

Reading is dreaming with open eyes,

We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too

Nurture your mind

Dive into another world with like minded Mums

Feed your mind

Read to Lead


Join us for our next meet up on 25th October at 9pm. The book we are currently reading is Osho: Courage.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures and make sure you watch the video to give a glimpse of our casual meets ups.

If you would like to join, make sure you are subscribed here and we will keep you in the loop.

Happy reading!


Beirut Restaurant Festival 2017

Mums in Beirut was delighted to attend the second edition of Beirut Restaurants festival which is held until the 1st of October 2017 at the Train Station, Mar Mikhael. In case you missed it, you can still watch the Live Instagram coverage on @mumsinbeirut

Enjoy a family day out with lots of food, drinks and food trucks around. Beirut Restaurants festival is guaranteed to get mouths watering! Furthermore, an exciting musical program will keep the crowd entertained for hours, while kids can have their own fun in the dedicated area.

Mums in Beirut Tips

  • The parking area gets pretty busy, so we advice you to park nearby and walk to the venue.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as the place is on pebbles and tiny rocks.
  • Family friendly destination.


Back to School event at Totally Kids Nursery

Thank you for all those who attended the back to school event  which took place at Totally Kids Nursery with Rania Zaghir,Children’s Book Author  and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach and Julie Abouchacra, Early Education Specialist and Founding Director of Totally Kids.

The venue of our meet up was at Totally Kids, a childcare center and a preschool where children can explore, discover, learn, and grow, located in the heart of Verdun Lebanon. The venue was was opened in Verdun 3 years ago.

We had a short introduction by Julie Abouchacra as she welcomed all Mums in Beirut attending. Her talk was focused on the importance of mothers to have a community support as well as emphasising the importance of the early years in the optimal development of the child as a whole. A mother herself, she understands the mother’s role in selecting a nursery for her child. We loved the atmosphere at the nursery, all staff were very welcoming and friendly and the venue was clean at all times.

A major goal of the nursery is to establish partnerships with the community. This event is the first of several that will follow where moms can meet to bond, connect and share their concerns guided by specialists in the field of education and other relavent areas.

The first half of the afternoon was an interactive talk with Rania Chehayeb focusing on all forms of anxiety including separation and ways to overcome it. The Mums in Beirut were very interested in this topic and received vital top tips and advice on terrible two’s and three’s.  The talk was held in a 60 square meter outdoor play area designed and modeled according to high safety standards, where children could also play safely around the mothers ( You can see this in the images, the environment was very child friendly). Rania focused on the importance of the mother’s wellness and well-being and how important this plays in her family’s role while raising happy and confident children. The children attending got to enjoy arts and crafts, music and movement classes under the supervision of staff from Totally Kids Nursery. Another topic that was covered by Rania Chehayeb was separation anxiety. This is something very common with back to school, when a child starts nursery, daycare or school for the first time. Needless to say that there were a lot of questions on this hot topic. As mothers, we always questions ourselves if we are doing it right, or if we are good enough Mums. We are all great mothers who always try out best. Our events are a great way to meet like minded mothers, to support each other and to connect with someone who maybe going through a similar pathway than you. You are not alone. 

The children enjoyed being looked after Totally Kids staff that offers a caring and nurturing environment where children can develop and acquire the necessary academic and social skills that enable them to become global citizens and lifelong learners. Mums felt at ease and soon joined their little ones for a storytelling session.

The second half of the afternoon was a storytelling session with Rania Zaghir (as you will see from the images below), it was very interactive and informative as she shared with us the importance of reading and bonding with your child. Make it part of your routine: Bed. Book. Bath. Kids thrive on routine and this is key. Books leads to their imagination and reinforces sound and language. Offer gifts as a book it is the best gifts to give.

We love the concepts adapted at Totally Kids Nursery, “The Learner Profile at Totally Kids. Education is not about knowledge only, it is the internalization of values, thinking and social skills as well. This is the profile that we uphold for every one of our students“.

Enjoy browsing through the images from the event and  thank you to those who attended our meet up. Good luck with the back to school and  a healthy routine. Stay in the loop with the local scoop, by registering your details with us (click here to register). Make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Rania Zaghir, Children’s Book Author and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach

Outdoor Play Area at Totally Kids Nursery

Indoor Play Area at Totally Kids Nursery

From left to right: Rania Zaghir, Children’s Book Author and Julie Abouchacra, Early Education Specialist and Founding     Director of Totally Kids, Dina Maktabi founder of Mums in Beirut and Rania Chehayeb, Transformational Leadership Coach.


Interactive Storytelling Session with Rania Zaghir. Picture from Mums in Beirut Instagram account @mumsinbeirut



Birthday Workshop at O’Kash and Kash

A few weeks ago, a group of mums and children gathered at O’Kash and Kash store in Achrafiyeh to get  their hands messy for some fun birthday DIY workshop. We had different tables, with various work activities included ninja balloons masks, confetti balloons, glow in the dark tube and cute frog hand prints for little ones. Needless to say, the kids had a blast with a special guest appearance from Minions and a the biggest pinatas ever. Best of all, Mums didn’t have to clean after the mess!

Enjoy scrolling through the pictures and make sure you watch the video as well.

Make sure you head to O’Kash and Kash as your ultimate go-to toy store where you can also find everything you need to throw your kids ideal birthday party. They stock unique and original products to meet all kids demands including toys, gifts, beach essentials, party supplies and party themes to create magical moments for your little ones.

Thank you all for joining the fun!


The Joy of Ramadan Giving

Thank you all for all those who supported us in our Ramadan Campaign. Social media is to connect people together and we want that to make a difference in people’s lives. Thanks to all of you, our active followers and readers we managed to distribute all the collections from the 5 drop off centres a few days ago, with some amazing volunteers and the team behind Ahla Fawda and the passionate work of Nimat Farhat from Social Support Society.

We had some amazing volunteers on the day to help us give away all the boxes away. They came from international countries  including Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, Wales, and Portugal just to name a few. It was amazing experience, emotional and full of love. Children, students, working mums and grand mothers came united for this great experience: a time to give.



Over the last few weeks we have received many donations of clothing and shoes, which were sorted and packed for delivery. Special thanks to Nimat Farhat for partnering with us for this distribution and huge thanks to all our supporters and to our drop off centres for collaborating with us Totally Kids, Learn and Play, Dent de Lait, Play Town and Fox and Frog. A big thanks goes to all parents, and children who donated their shoes, toys, books and clothes to give them a new home.




Pre-loved means giving them a new home.

All that we are doing is a drop in the ocean for those families and children in need, but what matters is that we do our best and we do it from the bottom of our heart thats.

A special thanks to Ziad Assaf for his editing of the video and music. We managed to put a few smiles on those innocent faces.

We want to wish you all a Blessed Eid with your family and loved ones. Here is a short video to showcase all the work we put into making sure all your donations received a warm home just in time for Eid.

Enjoy watching it, without your support none of this could have happened.

Thank you!

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Pictures and Video by: Dina Maktabi
Video Editing and Music: Ziad Assaf

Mums in Beirut Workshop

Last week we had Stephanie Mansour join us at our workshop to speak about the influence of advancement in technology on children’s functioning.

As stated by William Powers “we live in a world where everyone is connected to everyone else all the time. We’re not literally in a room thats floated away from the Earth, but we’re definitely in a new place, and its technology that has brought us here“.

We covered the pro and cons of kids using tablets and mobile phones at a young age. We discussed the various schools in Beirut and how some of them have already adapted the online method of studying and submitting homework, while others still use the old fashioned way of using books and pen and paper.

We have noticed that on average kids as young as 8 years old have a mobile phone, while Bill Gates has recently suggested the safest age to give kids a mobile phone is age 14!  We talked and discussed our children and their use of mobile phone and suggested ways to help those who are struggling with their kids. The advice given was by expert clinical pschycologist and psychotherapist and from mothers to mothers who know best. This is what community support is all about.

We hope to join us at our other upcoming events and meet ups.

Enjoy browsing through the images and make sure to watch this video by world economic forum.

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