Family Day Out at Arnaoon Village with Mums in Beirut


If you are looking for a family day out, surrounded by greenery and fresh oxygen then Arnaoon Village is the place to go for “The Serene and Simple Life”. We booked in advance for our Sunday Funday with the family and were looking forwards to it. Reservation is a must.

Our booking was confirmed in advance and we were told to get there early to make the most of our day. As we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff who handed us an Arnaoon Village Activities booklet so we knew what sort of activities were there and appropriate for which age group. We had already done our research via our friend Google and their website had all the information we needed.

First stop, breakfast. There were live stations with fresh fruits, coffee, warm manakish, pancakes…


After we all had a bit for breakfast, while walking around in this beautiful setting, the kids were eager to get on some of the rides. Below you will find a list of what is available and suitable by age groups. All the activities are included in the price you pay per adult $50 and child $25 on weekends, (except where indicated).


The Zipline

This activity is a must for all adventurous and adrenaline lovers. The village Zip-line is a 220 meters zip-line overlooking the village This is suitable for children under 12 as long as they are accompanied by an instructor or adult. The Valley Zip-Line, is 2 Zip lanes are 130 meters each overlooking breathtaking greenery of the valley and suitable for over 13 years an above.

Jsour El Hawa

These high ropes courses are designed for users between 13 years and above, but be warned this is not for the weak. You wear safety harness and helmets at all times and there are always designated instructors on board to help you if needed. This course includes 10 courses of Adventure Games. After around 3 courses, if you are unable to continue there is a way to exist via stairs.


Ghabet Shamshoum Park

This is great for kids aged between 7-12 years old with swings, low ropes, climbing wall and a spider web just to name a few

Khafouri Park

This is suitable for younger ones aged 2-6 years old and includes mini football court, basketball court, swings, tricycle as well as climbing wall.

Climbing and Rappelling Wall

Designed for used aged between 13 years +, the wall includes different levels of climbing and rappelling under the supervision of trained instructors. You will always be provided with the helmet and harness for health and safety use.

The Farm

This is suitable for all ages. The Farm has animals including peacocks, sheep, geese, ducks, pigeons, rabbits, monkeys, chicken, birds, donkeys, horses, dogs and turtles.




Go Kart Track

This is suitable for families and kids aged 6 years and above. Lots of fun in this wheel karting car with pedals. Various sizes available including a 4 seater and single seaters as well. There is a designated tracking area for this.


Swimming Pool

In the summer heat, all that you want to do is cool down in the pool. The pool is suitable for kids aged between 4-12 years old. Please bring your swimwear, and towels with you. Girls must also have a swimming cap for their hair. The swimming pool includes 4 toboggans for lots of splashing fun. Showers, restrooms and lockers are also available on site.

Arts and Crafts

There was a shaded corner available for kids to do bits of arts and crafts. This was priced at 5,000L.L. each. This activity was great to keep little minds creative and occupied.

Children Entertainment

These came in just after lunch, including lots of characters, music and dancing which kept big and little ones entertained. Everyone was dancing away.

Train and Bus Rides

Go on a ride around Arnaoon’s extended natural landscape and beautiful village. Best to do this in the afternoon, as it was very hot in the morning.

Buffet Lunch


What can I say about the lunch, there was everything you can think of. All drinks were also included in the price. The Lebanese and International open buffet, is an exceptionally popular tradition that brings together friends and families from all over the country to savour delicious dishes in a relaxing atmosphere. Sun and open green spaces make this the ideal road trip or family outing destination for people of all ages to enjoy and get together. At the end of the day, the music did get a big too loud, but everyone was up having fun and dancing. There was even a foam party for little and big ones alike.



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A day out at the Village, is a must for a family fun day experience with lots of adventure!


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