Gefinor Rotana Fisherman’s catch

A few weeks ago, Mums in Beirut had the pleasure of being invited to Gefinor Rotana  for their “Fisherman’s catch night”intheir beautiful Olive Garden. What better way to enjoy a night out than with another mummy friend?  Sarah is a member of Mums in Beirut community, a mother of two and a food lover @savourysarah (on Insta). Make sure you follow her food adventure around Beirut and beyond. Here is what she has to share with you about our fun and indulging night out.
This seafood night takes place every Thursday evening at the olive garden and terrace. We were greeted by friendly staff who escorted us to our table. We noticed that there is also an outdoor seating area in their refreshing outdoor terrace. The restaurant was buzzy with lots of people enjoying a good night out. The buffet to the left of the restaurant included a big variety of hot and cold starters along with a combination of a salad bar and an international salad selection like Hawaiian shrimp, Mixed Asian seafood, Russian crab salad and much more. We loved the their live international duo band playing in the background. As for the main courses, the buffet offered an extensive selection that included Cannelloni Seafood, Calamari with Broccoli, Seafood Paella along with varieties of pasta and rice dishes to accompany the main courses in order to satisfy everyone’s seafood cravings.  At all time the “Sous-chef” made sure that the buffet was re-fuelled to meet the demands of the diners.  As a starter, I picked everything that I felt was exotic and new to my eyes. I especially loved the pasta salad with mussels; the freshness and juiciness of the mussels gave the pasta a signature sauce. The smoked salmon plate, broiled shrimps-on-ice, Tuna /apple salad, Tajine all loaded with omega 3’s where fresh and generously prepared to perfection. Moving on to the  main dishes I tried the shrimp Toscana (Italian),shrimp vegetable lasagna (white sauce), shrimp saffron rice, fish fajita (Mexican-inspired), calamari sweet and sour (Asian fusion)  and last but not least  Dina loved the grilled jumbo shrimps and one of her favourite traditional Lebanese fish and rice dish dishes (Sayadiyet samak). We hardly had anymore space for the tasty dessert buffet. There was a selection of French pastries, tarts, cakes and Arabic sweets.
Here is my honest review for Mums in Beirut and thankful for inviting me to come along and experience a lovely
Fisherman’s Catch Night at Gefinor Rotana. My favourite dish of the night must be the fish fajita  which was marinated in a spicy fajita sauce for a rich hearty tantalising favor; the ratio between the fish and spice was impeccable; not too spicy to cover up the fish taste and not under-seasoned. However, the calamari sweet and sour was not up-to my expectations, it was plain-tasting and under seasoned; considering  that this is an Asian-inspired dish that should be full of explosive tastes. The “Sayadiyet samak” was a bit too salty for my taste, but I know Dina liked it. Also on the main dish area you are served fresh, deep-fried fish continuously (talking about Lebanese generosity), shrimp spring roll that is crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. On a sweeter note, the dessert section was half empty by the time I got there but thanks to the “Sous-chef” he provided us with mini-version of the cheesecake I was craving at the beginning of the night.
The wide selection, freshness, generosity and flavourful taste of this banquet will keep me coming back for more.