64. Motherhood by Rayane Hamdache

1. Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.

My name is Rayane Hamdache, I am 27 years old married and mom of two boys, Bassam 2 years and Omar 3 months
I have a bachelor degree in social work from university of saint Joseph but when I got married I quit my job and went to live in Ghana.. Now I am in Lebanon for my treatment.

2. What was your inspiration behind your Instagram account @breastfriends-lb?

I started my Instagram account “breastfriends-lb” after 2 months of being diagnosed, and there were many reasons that pushed me to do it. The main one is that until today there are people who treat cancer as a whisper word. I never knew that I wasn’t supposed to talk about cancer. Many people diagnosed with breast cancer are often under pressure to shut up about it and I met many who were told that cancer should be private and no one has to know about it. There is a somehow a shame connecting to cancer and I wanted to break this rule. Cancer is a disease why are we treating it as a taboo in our society? Why  should I feel ashamed if I have cancer? Or if I will loose  my hair and eyebrows? So I decided to break the silence rule because there is much good in talking openly about cancer such as awareness, prevention, and mainly SUPPORT. We may save a life!

3. How do you manage to juggle your life balance as a mother?

With the chemotherapy treatment and my kids it was hard to manage at first. I went through really hard days after the treatment I felt extremely tiered that  it makes it really hard for me to take care of the kids. I thank God I have my mother by my side who is able to help  me a lot with the kids when I feel tired. And when i feel better I try my best to make it up for them.


4. What top tips would you give to any mum on starting her own business?

To any mum starting her business i tell her to : do it from her heart and that in every work there is ups and downs but never give up always try to make the best of your work by trying different managing ideas.

5. What do you love most about Lebanon and do you have a favourite spot with your children?

I simply love Lebanon and especially my city Tripoli, where my home is, my family, the people I love where I feel safe where I love watching my kids grow up in the same village as me.

6. How do you define quality ‘me-time’?

When I am feeling really stressed out, and need some quality “me time” I try to take a small break from the home, family, kids… to take care of myself and have a “Me time”
-I take a bath to relax
-I go for a walk
-I go shopping which is the best kind of therapy for me
-If I am staying home and the kids are taking a nap I grab a book with a hot coffee and enjoy reading it.
It is the small things that help you relax and boost your energy to continue all the stressful times I am living with it now.

7. I am a Mum and…

I am a mum and i love my kids so much that they are the reason of the strong women i am now, i am fighting for them so when they grow up they will be proud of their mama and learn to never lose hope if a life is sometimes hard on us.

8. What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?

When I think about what I love most about being a parent, so many things come to mind. I love every little milestone.
– Watching my kids grow
– My kids are my pure joy: whenever I look at them I feel happy, I smile, I forget that I am sick and under chemotherapy
– They give me the courage to face and conquer all my fears so that I can allow them to see that no matter the difficulty, they can accomplish what they want.

The least favorite things about parenting are:

–   The exhaustion of total care for an infant. You are their everything.

The exhaustion of keeping up with a toddler. You are the best mommy and/or daddy, ever.

The exhaustion of teaching a wide-eyed kid. You are idolized, they want to be like you when older.

Its all about the exhaustion😂 but no one is perfect I am not the super mommy especially now but I am trying my best.

9. Given we are all about embracing Motherhood, what advice would you give a first time Mum?

My advice for a first time mom is take it easy, motherhood is messy, challenging, sleepless and giving but it is unbelievably beautiful. Don’t worry too much, and don’t try to be the super perfect mom because moms are humans and humans are not perfect.
And never blame yourself if your kid did something wrong it is not because you are a bad mom it s because it happens no one is perfect. Do what u feel like doing, listen to yourself only and never compared yourself with another new mom.