It is what people choose for you to see…. At Mums in Beirut, we use it as a platform to connect, inspire and empower your motherhood journey, so you do not feel alone. Motherhood can sometimes feel lonely and repetitive at times.

We are always on our phones, checking our messages, emails, liking and commenting on images to show family and friends that we care about them, or just to stay connecting and in the loop with the outside world.

So how much time do people spend on their mobile phones in 2017?

The simple answer is “over 4 hours a day.” This is a reference taken from

More recently, with so many speaking about bullying, including cyber bullying which to me is the same as being bullied at school #saynotocyberbullying is an unacceptable act of cruelty that can lead to depression and death in some cases of young teens.

We are raising our children and our children see us spending time on our phones whether its for looking up a recipe, chatting to a far away friend or answering the school whats app groups that you maybe part of… Whatever it is, your kids see this, see who you are following, what videos you are watching, they see it all and they are absorbing it all.

As parents it is our duty to care for our children. I have always emphasised not to believe what you see on social media including the perfectly photoshopped polished pictures that you see appearing on your feed. You would thing that everyone has it together, that everyone leads a perfectly perfect life when the word perfect does not even exist in real life. The life you see you on Instagram between those tiny squares may sometimes be the raw life of people that they wish to share with you, but it can also sometimes be what they “choose” to share with you. Everyone has their own problems and challenges, some people just hide it better than others.  With this in mind, I wanted to share this sad but real story that hit the headlines last year. Maybe some of you heard about it and maybe some of you didn’t.

A girl, aged 11, who was unhappy with her looks wrote the date she wanted to die in a haunting Instagram diary shortly before taking her own life. ‘She’d cut herself and written in biro on herself, “beautiful girls don’t eat”. This happened on 1st Jan 2016 in Ireland and the family were very hands on treating her since the age of 6. I am sharing this story, to let you know what the effect of social media can do on the young generation we are raising.

Let us be wise, let us be kind and let us be real.

Let us do this to protect our children from the effect of social media. I know this maybe an extreme case, but there maybe many other cases which we are not aware of in Lebanon. Social media plays an important role in our everyday life, but it can sometimes harm us without us even knowing about it.

Watch this powerful interview by the parents of Molly Tuomey who took her own life (interview by the Journal)

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