Wondering what to serve your kids as an after school snack? We’re here for the rescue, thanks to Batoul Abdallah who is a licensed dietitian and medical nutrition therapist and co-owner at Pear’fect Nutrition Diet Center and most importantly a mommy for 2. She shares her top tips with Mums in Beirut. You can follow her on Instagram @pearfect_nutrition.

One of the simplest things to keep in mind is to always try to include two of the five basic food groups (fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy).
By doing this, you’re quickly ensuring the snack is balanced and part of the day’s dietary needs.

Remember that healthy habits start at an early age, try to introduce whole wheat grains, fruits and veggies (5 portions per day) and keep sugar intake to a minimum (you can replace it with honey in moderate

If your kid is a picky eater like mine, let then help you prepare their snacks! It will build their love for food and encourage them to try new flavors.