Spinneys Online Delivery Service

A few weeks ago, Mums in Beirut received a gift voucher by Spinneys Lebanon to try out their online shopping experience. Having lived in London and Canada before, online shopping is my field of expertise. As a busy working Mum, online shopping saves me a lot of time and especially in Beirut saves me the hassle of being stuck in hot traffic with my monkeys.

For those who follow @mumsinbeirut on Snapchat and Instagram  would have seen a short preview of the registering and ordering process on www.spinneyslebanon.com website. We covered it live.


Here is Mums in Beirut honest review with my top tips, advantages and disadvantages of using an online service in Lebanon. With fruits and vegetables, I am the kind of person who likes to touch, smell and examine the quality of what I am buying. So my online shopping is mostly based on food items and essentials products for my home and family which can be found on the shelves.


Advantage of Spinneys online shopping:

  • It was a very punctual delivery service. I placed the order on a Monday afternoon and had my order delivered the next day between 9am-12pm.
  • It helped me save time being stuck in traffic
  • It helps you in time management when you are limited with time and need to get other things done.
  • Online registration was easy to do, by following the step by steps guide online
  • Customer service called me before delivery as some items in my basket were not available and they quickly acted upon it by giving me to choose alternatives.
  • The bags with the delivery, came labelled with “freezer” for chilled items which made it easy to sort out and store.


Disadvantages of Spinneys online shopping:

  • The online shopping experience itself is slow. I blame this on the Internet connection we have in Lebanon as a whole.
  • A lot of categories in the online shopping need updating, for example you do not find all kinds of brands of tissue paper online as you would in store
  • The website needs a bit of an update on a daily basis with products being added on a regular basis.
  • Most branded food that you find online are a Spinneys brand, I found this when checking for Quinoa only 2 items showed up which were Spinneys brand only. I know that Spinneys has a selection of Quinoa bags but this was not found online.
  • The search button is not very precise when you are looking up for specific items
  • I am a very eco-friendly person, so wished the delivery came in boxes and freezable bags instead of the yellow plastic bags which go to waste.



Thank you Spinneys Lebanon for this great experience that I highly recommend for busy Mums in Beirut.


*Honest Review by Mums in Beirut