Warm Feet Campaign

Mums in Beirut and Ahla Fawda have joined forces once again with “Warm Feet Campaign”. Many people, especially children are facing the snowy, cold and wet conditions of winter without proper footwear. With your support, we can help change that.

Join us in our Warm Feet Campaign as we provide suitable shoes and boots to needy people, especially children.

How will the campaign work?

  • Please ask your family and friends, students and teachers to donate gently used or new winter shoes and boots.
  • Ahla Fawda is happy to provide your school with sacks to collect the donated footwear.
  • Sacks will be collected from your school on Friday 2nd  February 2018
  • The donated shoes and boots will be sorted and packed by Ahla Fawda volunteers at the collection point.
  • The Ahla Fawda “Warm Feet Campaign” distribution will take place in Akkar, North Lebanon on Wednesday 7th February 2018.
  • This event will be documented by the Scottish Screen academy. It will be a story about how children are learning and growing through acts of giving and awareness of the world around them. (There is an interest in this project by two Scottish TV channels.)
  • All schools participating in this campaign will be credited by name in the documentary.
  • All schools will receive a report following the distribution.

Ahla Fawda, founded in 2012 is a Beirut based NGO. We are a volunteer only organization. Recent activities include: projects to beautify Hamra Street,an awareness campaign for special needs access in Hamra, Hamra and Aley Festivals, Art murals in Hamra and Aley bridge, regular distributions of  food/clothing to the needy.

We look forward to your participation in our community campaign.

We count on you our community,  our followers, our readers, our friends, ours families,  ours schools and organizations  for your support to make our mission a reality.


For further information, please contact Mrs. Imane Assaf on Tel: 03-907360


Yours sincerely.

Imane Assaf

Founding President, AhlaFawda