What is really inside Nutella?

As kids and as adults, we all love Nutella and I speak for the majority of us. Recently, there has been a lot of information out there on what is really inside Nutella. We all know sugar is not good for us, so we wanted to take a closer look.

Nutella is often marketed as a nutritious hazelnut spread. In most countries, it’s marketed as a simple hazelnut cream, and ads highlight the fact that Nutella has no artificial colors or preservatives. However, Nutella is not exactly a healthy food. A breakdown of the ingredients shows that Nutella has very few hazelnuts, and is actually mostly made of sugar and palm oil.

This viral image uploaded to reddit, shows us exactly whats inside a jar Nutella. Source: Welt.


While Nutella only contains five ingredients (palm oil, cocoa, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, and sugar), a whopping half of the stuff is sugar.

We sometimes can’t help but take a spoon and dig into a jar of Nutella. A balanced diet is key to enjoy the yummy things in life.

Off course there are alternatives and a lot of mothers around have started doing their own version of homemade Nutella. We love Rania’s version, a Mums in Beirut member and a mother of two. Make sure you follow her on Instagram @supercalicooks as she shares her passion for healthy eating for the whole family.





Source: The Insider